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Pictures in "Bob Lynn"

1 Jun 2007 - 23 Jun 2007

Wicklow has given Bob Lynn a rich store of subject matter. This body of work could quite easily have the overall title "A sense of..." being concerned mainly with evoking as distinct from describing. His painting inhabits a world somewhere between figuration and abstraction: objects and things if not depicted, are strongly suggested. In recent work colour is to the fore. Working in the Scottish Colourist tradition, Lynn uses vibrant hues and broad brushstrokes together with a keen compositional sense.
Each painting is a result of two or more themes. One source is to do with the process of ageing as observed metaphorically in the corrosion or erosion of certain metals and the wear, tear, and weathering of timbers. Another idea is drawn from personal memories using known areas of the landscape. Being born of this fusion with its resulting ambiguities, the paintings exist in their own right as celebrations of the expressive power of colour and shape. They direct the onlooker into reacting to the emotional vibrations rather than asking 'but what is it meant to be?'

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Crossed Lines

On the Edge

Within Reach

Shelter no.2

Little Harbour Window

Mellow Cluster


Collective Unconscious no.9

At the Border

Close Call

Bolt from the Blue


Ride Out the Storm

Quiet Moment

Collective Unconscious no.1

Collective Unconscious no.3

Collective Unconscious no. 4

Where the Camelia Once Was

Double Entendre

First Inversion

Second Inversion

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