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Pictures in "Josephine Kelly: Gatherings"

7 Sep 2007 - 13 Oct 2007

‘Gatherings’ is the second exhibition at the Pigyard by popular Donegal artist, Josephine Kelly. Her abstract landscapes are founded in an intimate knowledge and love of her local landscape. She paints what she knows.
The theme of ‘Gatherings’ is aspects of this landscape through the wet summer of 2007, and Kelly’s careful observation of details
of the rural life going on around her.
Josephine Kelly’s approach to painting combines a childlike perspective, tipping up the scene and taking liberties with scale with sophisticated skills as a colourist and in the handling of paint.
Glazes and scumbled colour, muted passages juxtaposed with blocks of intense hue, dragged lines of dry colour contrast with veils of paint describing sheets of rain blowing in from the coast, mist rising or sun breaking through cloud. The simplified schema provides a framework within which she can give full rein to her extraordinary painterly gifts.

Click a picture to view full size:

Saving Hay I

Low Flight

Bales Saved

The Bad Corner

The Cutting

Cows Gathering II

Saving Hay II

End of July

Three and Two


Whins in May

A Break in the Clouds

Yellow Field, Spring

The Last Trees

Fields of Yellow

Buttercups and Rain

Field in June

Blue Cows

White Cows

Empty Field

Flight III

Summer Fields

Crows in Clonglash I

The New Tractor

Gathering Green II

Tide Coming In

Birds and Blue Posts

Red Shed and Blue Hill

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