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Pictures in "Neil Shawcross: All That Jazz"

18 Oct 2013 - 9 Nov 2013

Belfast-based artist Neil Shawcross explores a new theme in paintings and prints. In a series of square images Shawcross playfully explores colour, shape and gesture, riffing on a theme in echoes of the title; JAZZ. Shawcross has strong connections with USA as well as its quintessential music and American artists seem to be referenced in this show. From Robert Indiana's LOVE, to Jasper Johns and even Piet Mondrian's American works.
In this Wexford Opera Festival exhibition of mainly smaller works there is an opportunity to acquire an original piece by one of Ireland's foremost artists.
The exhibition will open on Friday 18th at 7.30 with guest speaker, Jim Doolan.

Click a picture to view full size:

Jazz: Boogie Woogie

Jazz: Red/Blue/Yellow

Jazz: New Orleans

Jazz: Synchopation

Jazz: Red/Yellow/Black

Jazz: Red/Green

Jazz: Brown Spiral

Jazz: Autumn in Vermont

Jazz: Red and Black

Jazz: Red Zig-Zag

Jazz: Red/Black

Jazz: Red/Black

Jazz: (Tiger Rag)

Jazz: Umber/Black

Jazz: Vermilion/Black



Jazz: Scarlet/Black

Jazz: Take 5

Jazz: Red/Yellow

Jazz: Red and Black Monotype)

Jazz (Red/Yellow/Silver)

Jazz: Blue Monotype

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