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Pictures in "Janet Pierce : Works on Paper"

29 Jul 2006 - 16 Aug 2006

Janet Pierce's work centres around the pretext that, whether we we see God's hand in them or not, landscape and the forces of nature have the power to connect us with our spiritual selves; we still have the capacity to be awe-inspired by special moments of landscape and sky. To convey this spiritual sense of ourselves in response to landscape, rather than the landscape itself has been her difficult task, and in her most recent works, there is a new and wonderful leap forward.
Closely involved with India over the last three years, Pierce spent a month at the source of the Ganges, high up in the Himalyas in February 2006, where, meditating and painting, she felt a highly mystical experience and her new work stems from and explores this.
The word 'OM', title of half the works in this exhibition, is from the ancient Sanskrit alphabet and is the sound of the Universe or the Source of God. This reflects Janet Pierce's desire to return, through meditation, to the Sacred Space within.
A masterly watercolourist, she has created stunning compositions using sari-coloured veils of light. The paintings echo with gentle chanting, silence, the calming smell of sandalwood and spices, the shapes of a simple room, exotic and yet familiar. Using gold leaf from Old Delhi, these new abstract works on paper have resulted in an intensification of earlier considerations, Pierce's hunger for transcendence is realised through the contemplation of landscape and of the cosmos. Click here for Janet Pierce's website.

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Land : H


Land : I

Land : G

Gerhwali Raga : 16

Gerhwali Raga : 6

Hidden Land : 1

OM : I






OM : X

Land : B

He Ram : M

OM : 3


OM : C

Idir Eartharthu : 8

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