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Pictures in "Liam O'Rourke Landscapes"

19 Sep 2014 - 11 Oct 2014

Subtitled 'The Harvest That Belongs to Kelly's', artist Liam O'Rourke's second solo show opens at the Pigyard Gallery, Wexford on Friday 19th September. The artist's studio occupies one corner of a hayfield from which his abstract reflections on the land, the seasons, life, loss and regeneration emanate.
Using interlocking shapes and bold colour, O'Rourke's powerful canvases make visible the patchwork of the land, the industry of cultivating a living from it, the history of ownership and the brutality and the beauty of living in it. With shades of William Crozier and elements of David Crone, these birds-eye views are like nothing found on Google Earth and their detailed knowledge is not via satellite but trudged and dug and scented; more the intelligence of a fox than a GPS.

Click a picture to view full size:

Kelly's Land in August

The Seed of Summer

Kelly's Empty land

Harvest in June

Kelly's Cornfield

Jackman's Corn

John Kelly's Field

The Field Beside Kelly's Yard

Kelly's Beside Jackman's Land

Sowing Kelly's land

Michael Kelly's land

Daffodils in Kelly's Field

The Birth of Kelly's Land.

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