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Pictures in "Josephine Kelly :Travelling in Small Spaces"

19 Aug 2006 - 14 Sep 2006

Josephine Kelly is a landscape-inspired artist and the landscape of her native Donegal is the subject of her first Wexford exhibition, 'Travelling in Small Spaces'.
Intimate paintings, gentle and balanced in composition, rich and imaginative in colour, they convey a sense of harmony inspired by the countryside around Buncrana and Inishowen. These paintings are not prompted by spectacular, sweeping landscape vistas of Failte Ireland brochures but by less familiar sites; a knoll, the corner of a meadow, an edge of wetland.
While essentially abstract works; essays in colour and surface mark-making, often Kelly's paintings draw inspiration from particular characters or specific local events. Yet her leaden skies or the suggestion of a sunburst over a patch of hillside are instantly recognisable and the authentic flavour of north-west Ireland infuses her work as much as a landscape by Yeats or Henry.
'Travelling in Small Spaces' is Josephine Kelly's first exhibition in the south-east and we hope it will be the first of many.

Click a picture to view full size:

Rain is Over

A Sky Full of Rain II

Red Landscape I

Another Field Lost

The Search for Mystery I

Along the Green Road

The Cut Field


The Purple Heather

The Sloe Bushes

Yellow Ditches

The Purple Bank

A Field by the Sea

Harry's Ditch

Red Landscape II

After the Hail Shower

The Cuckoo Tree

Under the Clouds of a Grey Day


In Blue and Grey Light II

Blue Cow, Stormy Day

One Field Away

The Strays

Phil Patrick's Cow Hiding, Druminderry

Blue Ditch

Big Cloud over Clonglash

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