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Pigyard Gallery's 'Portfolio' is a collection of various work by artists who may be new to the gallery or who have work which does not form part of an exhibition as such. Here you will find a varied range work arranged by price, by artist and by genre (such as views of Wexford, for example). This enables you to find something suitable easier, or you can simply choose to browse the whole collection.

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Butcher Shop, Wexford by Dimitry (unframed) (Wexford)

Peter's Square, Wexford

Peter's Square, Wexford

Barry and Me, Henrietta Street, Wexford

Four Abreast, Kilmore Quay

Wexford Quay from Ferrybank

Tropical Tide

Moorings near Anne Street, Wexford

Old Warehouses, Gibson's Lane, Wexford

Trawlers, Wexford Quay

At Anchor, Wexford Harbour

Crescent Quay, Wexford

Trawlers at Kilmore Quay

Wexford Quayside

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